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Discreet, ethical and straightforward Executive Search Services for classical and digital/direct/database marketing, advertising, public relations, brand strategy, media, research, corporate and employee communications. Clients range from Fortune 1000s to Closely-Held Companies, Advertising, Digital and Public Relations Agencies, Healthcare Systems and Professional Services Firms.

Over the last 34 years, Laurie Mitchell, Certified Personnel Consultant, has personally placed 1500+ Marketing and Communications professionals and executives in full-time permanent positions. Her credibility and excellent judgment have led to scores of repeat search assignments from executives who trust her implicitly and consult her often on their hiring needs and dilemmas.

Relying on an unparalleled network of confidential sources whom she has served, counseled, placed and befriended over the last two and a half decades, Laurie is able to identify and close stellar talent for employers who want the search done right the first time. Without fuss, mistakes or nagging concerns.

Laurie has consulted with Team NEO and chaired the Talent Attraction Committee of the Cleveland+ Campaign under the auspices of the Greater Cleveland Partnership. She also founded the Scholarship and Minority Outreach programs of AAF/Cleveland amongst other mostly quiet civic endeavors.

April 17, 2013

Laurie is tough, but fair. If your background reads like a wanted poster, if your résumé has typos, if you aren’t a recruiter’s candidate...she'll tell you. But if you have talent and promise, she won't quit on you. My first experience with her took four re-writes of my résumé and nine months polishing what I had to offer an employer. But she placed me in one of the best jobs of my early career. And, when that one concluded, she placed me in a position that set me up for a long and distinguished international career. I look back with pride at what she helped me to achieve. I can still remember how angry I was with her when I felt she was pushing me too hard. But in the end I learned the lesson that a good executive recruiter is as important to your career as having the right boss or the right résumé. Laurie Mitchell is one of the best I have ever met in the recruiting field, and I thank her for opening doors that I could not have opened by myself. I could not have had the professional life I’ve had without her input and the lessons she imparted.

David P. McClure
International Internet Industry Alliance

March 6, 2013

Having worked with a wide variety of recruiters in the past, both as a candidate and as a hiring manager, Laurie's approach stands head and shoulders above her peers. Laurie is honest, straightforward and leverages her knowledge not only to the betterment of a potential candidate but also most importantly to provide the absolute best fit for a perspective organization. Telling someone what they need to hear versus what they want to hear and doing it in a way that is embraced is a rare commodity in the business world and Laurie has that skill. As an employer, it is critical that I am able to work with someone who takes the time to understand our business plans, our culture and the skill set required to maximize the perspective employee's success the fastest - Laurie does all this exceptionally well. By providing "high fit" talent this results in a quicker return on our investment and very low turnover long term. She has earned my complete trust and respect.

Scott Fox
VP Marketing
Prestolite Performance LLC

March 4, 2013

Laurie Mitchell gives you exactly the feedback that you don't want to hear but absolutely must to complete a successful job search. She can dissect a resume, analyze a skill set, and point you toward the right path, accurately and quickly. Her connections to employers are unparalleled, her instincts spot-on and I have never had a more knowledgeable editor.

Jayne Christyson
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of North East Ohio

February 7, 2013

Frankly, I didn't think Laurie knew what she was talking about. When she received my resume, she wrote back telling me to start over. I followed the guidelines she sent over because of her reputation as a top-tier recruiter.

The results speak for themselves: Two job offers, both of which were in the "dream" category. She pushed me to maximize the way I prepared for interviews and made sure I presented myself in a way that highlighted my accomplishments. She helped me weigh the two jobs (neither of which was her referral) and select the best fit personally and professionally. Listen to Laurie. She knows exactly what she's talking about.

Andy Netzel
Social Media Manager
TTI Floor Care North America

November 11, 2012

There are times in your life when you meet a true expert in a particular field. These experts are so knowledgeable, so passionate, and so driven, they separate themselves from their peers.

Laurie Mitchell is THE finest Executive Search professional I have ever met. While I have worked with several recruiters in my career, never someone as astute as Laurie. Our first meeting lasted 3 hours…face to face…on a beautiful summer Sunday afternoon. That is commitment and passion.

Be ready for constructive criticism and tough love, though. Swallow your pride and take the advice because her insightful input is correct.

Laurie advised me on every step of the interviewing, follow up, and offer stage process. At every interaction, she generously went above and beyond to provide her brand of expert counsel. Her approach is truly refreshing and her results are obvious.

Jeff Binczyk
Vice President of Marketing
Majestic Steel USA

February 12, 2012

There are superstars and consummate professionals, and then there’s a huge step above … Laurie Mitchell. She’s a powerhouse beyond compare.

I’ve had the true privilege of working with Laurie as both a candidate, as a hiring manager, and as a friend. Her vast knowledge, her brilliant eye for talent, her genuine commitment to her candidates, and her simply stellar client-focused approach is second to none. Laurie has never steered me wrong. She has a no-nonsense approach – anchored in open, honest and timely communication – that delivers absolutely outstanding results every time.

My most recent work with Laurie resulted in an exceptional new hire. To say she exceeded my very high expectations is an understatement. Working with her reminded me once again of her insight, her intellect, her uncanny ability to dispense sage advice when you need it most, her dedication to securing the right fit for our business, and just why she is unquestionably the best in her field.

Barbara Gould
Director of Communications
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, LLC

July 5, 2011

Laurie is more than a recruiter - she's part coach, part mentor, part colleague, part friend. She invests an enormous amount of time in each candidate in order to ensure that they are of the quality that her clients demand and have come to expect from her. She has rightfully earned a reputation for being reliable, precise and meticulous in all that she does. Her dedication and long hours are evident and it was my privilege to be one of her candidates.

Loralyn Mears, PhD

February 8, 2011

Ask around Northeast Ohio for the go-to headhunter or executive search expert and, I've found, you get a two-word answer: Laurie Mitchell.

I've also found that Laurie Mitchell earns and builds on that reputation by dispensing honest, direct, pragmatic advice, from smart networking tips to what to wear to a lunch meeting to effectively tailoring your resume to an opportunity.

Looking for executive search advice in Northeast Ohio? I have a two-word answer: Laurie Mitchell

Thom Fladung
Managing Editor
The Cleveland Plain Dealer

January 24, 2011

I have known Laurie at a distance for many years as Northeast Ohio's "superstar" of recruiting for top marketing talent. She is the region's acknowledged "go to" person for finding the best marketing leaders. We leveraged her talents continuously and with great result as we grew at Ernst & Young.

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Laurie more directly. She is smart, energetic, and absolutely client-focused. Her deep experience and exceptional judgment make her a natural for hard-hitting and creatively brilliant hiring and career recommendations. She is passionate and tireless about helping strong organizations connect with the top-drawer individuals who can help them grow.

Tim Gregory
Caxton Growth Partners

June 18, 2010

You may have heard of the Dog Whisperer? Well, Cesar Millan has nothing on Laurie Mitchell. She is the Career Whisperer. So listen carefully.

Laurie pushed me (more firmly than gently, I’ll admit) to revise my resume. Then I was told to revise it again. And again. Was I annoyed? Yes. But the end result is a fantastic and true reflection of me (and much better than I ever could have achieved on my own).

Listen carefully to her whispering, and you will hear the experience and intuition gleaned from a long, successful career. Initially, I was skeptical; I thought I knew what I wanted for the next step of my career. Then Laurie pushed me (this time, more gently than firmly) to reconsider my notion of the perfect new job. What Laurie found for me is beyond my expectations. Today, I told my new boss that I feel as though I have finally found my home; a place where I am well-compensated for my talents and experience, trusted, valued, and happy.

I can’t recommend Laurie highly enough. I hope you are lucky enough to catch her attention, because your career – and you, as a person – will be better for it. Good luck.

Nora Murray
Account Director
SHIFT Communications

March 28, 2010

Since I first met Laurie in the mid-1980's, I've retained her services when I was a Director of Employment, listened (carefully, many times, and gratefully) to her advice when I was an entrepreneur and business owner, and, most recently, collaborated with her on a successful Board of Directors search for a major not-for-profit organization. In all these roles over all this time, Laurie has consistently delivered competence, integrity, candor, energy, fearlessness -- and results -- that have placed her within the top 1% of her professional peer group. There is no one in the business of search and recruiting better-suited to redefine your expectations of the value one of us can add to any organization.

Ted Moore
Wind River Associates, LLC

February 17, 2010

Dear Laurie,
You are much more than a service provider: you’re a strategic business partner and an extension of our Talent Management Team. You have an uncanny ability to identify and engage a vast network of exceptional talent and provide us with spot-on matches from a technical, motivational and organizational culture fit. You’re supremely consultative, deeply perceptive, and a master at assessing both the needs of the business and the candidates. You have a gift for seeing beyond the obvious and always presenting well-thought out solutions to our talent needs. I have full confidence in you as a representative of my company, as you are always highly ethical and fully committed to achieving win-win outcomes for all parties. I recommend you without reservation to both companies and career-minded talent because with you on their side, tremendous ROI will be realized

Cheryl Goodman, CIR
VP Contingent Workforce Program Manager & Recruiting Manager
PNC Bank

September 24, 2009

Dear Laurie,
You have fabulous client relationships and you work 24/7 (well, except for very early mornings) to land the best talent for them. I have had the pleasure of working with you over the last 17 years. Because you know your clients’ needs so well, you make it very easy for us to partner with you on many assignments. We love working with you – you never waste our time, and you make us look great to our clients and candidates. You’re the BEST!

Randy Samsel, CPA/MBA
Executive Recruiter
e Search, Inc.

February 8, 2009

Dear Laurie,
I am always amazed by your intuitive understanding of the Greater Cleveland Marketing/Advertising Public Relations community and your ability to consistently find the best people for your clients. When I was with The Arras Group, some of our best hires came through you. You are a true pro who communicates often, always keeps your clients and candidates informed and up-to-date and works tirelessly on behalf of both your clients and candidates. You’re always willing to give back to the community and I thoroughly enjoyed our years working on the Cleveland Ad Federation’s Scholarship Committee.

I now reside in the Charlotte, NC area. There is no one here with your depth of experience or degree of marketplace insight in the Marketing/Advertising/PR arena. No one. Because I still maintain a Cleveland presence and work with a number of clients in Northeast Ohio, I look forward to continuing to work with you for many years to come.

Mar Dulik, PHR
Managing Director

October 13, 2008

What I love most about you is that your ethics are always above board, and never in doubt. You have placed me twice and I have hired fifteen top-notch candidates through you over the last fourteen years including two senior level ones in 2008. I keep returning to you because you’re a straight shooter, honest and upfront. Your palpable passion about placing the finest talent you can identify, and your keen understanding of the skills and marketing tool kits that stellar talent must possess facilitate and expedite the hiring process. And, you always do your homework.

Thank you.

Jeffrey Petit
Ryan Partnership

December 9, 2007

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What “the go-to recruiter in the marketing, public relations and advertising business” has to say “on what it takes to get hired”.

By Evelyn Theiss, Plain Dealer reporter

August 2, 2007

Wow, I am so impressed with the way you serve your clients. Having you just a phone call or an email away put me at ease and made the process much easier. You were accessible, friendly, honest and supportive. Your service was very personalized and appreciated.

Mary Beth Holdford
Manager External Communications

September 20, 2006

Dear Laurie:
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for all you've done to help facilitate the hiring of excellent new talent into the Wyse Account Management department over the years. Your thorough pre-screening and preparation of candidates based on the specific qualifications for each position -- in combination with your understanding of our culture and performance expectations -- makes for a highly-efficient process and results in consistently high caliber interviewees. I also appreciate your professionalism, diligence and constant communication, as well as your candor, throughout the search process. Your respect of my time, your insightful counsel and your focused desire to deliver employees who exceed expectations are what set you apart in your industry. When it's all said and done, the talent I've secured through your services has proven to be some of my best hires and consistent top performers.

I look forward to working with you on the next "hiring challenge".

All the best,
Dave Jankowski,
Wyse Advertising

July 6, 2006

Dear Laurie,
Thank you for all of your help and support during my Executive Search.  The many clients, job opportunities and contacts you have are truly impressive.  There are many other Executive Search Companies that serve a wide variety of clients, but I have found you to have the most Marketing opportunities at any given time in the Northeast Ohio area.  You were able to send me to excellent companies that were a very good fit with my skills and experience.  Moreover, the time you spent with me briefing for the interviews and helping me to understand the culture of each organization to find the best mutual fit was very valuable.  You were always available for questions, and if I left a message, you were quick to get back with me.  I know I wasn’t your only candidate, but you made me feel like I was.  I have worked with quite a few Search Consultants the last sixteen years, but by far you have been the best!  When it’s time for me to hire, you’ll be the person I call to get the job done!

Kim Gaebelein
Sr. Director Marketing

January 24, 2006

Dear Laurie,
I want to thank you for the long and diligent effort you put forth during Riverside’s five-month search for a senior marketing executive.  Our search was complex and entailed gathering input from many key managers throughout our organization.  By working closely with us over the months, you enabled us to select someone who beautifully embodies the requirements of the job as well as the spirit of our company.  We are very happy with our “find” and our work with you.


Christine Croissant
Managing Director Marketing & Investor Relations
The Riverside Company

October 6, 2005

Dear Laurie,
It has been a true pleasure working with you.  You can imagine that from my years in the world of recruiting, that my “bar”, as it relates to my expectations for a recruiting partner, is quite high.  Therefore, this probably makes me one of the worst clients.

This said -- you hit on all cylinders.  You presented only interesting and suitable candidates, kept me updated throughout the entire process, used your marketing skills to interest candidates whom we would most likely not have been able to attract ourselves, and helped us close and hire the “best fit” candidate. As I sang, “love, love, love” into your ear after just meeting Dean, I will sing that same song about you.  You are fabulous!

You have proved to be a true partner to us.  I look forward to working together again soon.

All the best,

Kate Clegg
Arhaus Furniture

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